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Dermapen – rejuvenation and imperfection reduction by microneedling

Aging of the skin, visible wrinkles, worsening of the state of the skin, scars, uneven coloring, balding – these are the most popular ailments of people of different ages. Aesthetic medicine helps remove the unwanted marks on the skin and can help maintain a healthy, beautiful look. In a cooperation with REVISAGE we have implemented a microneedling procedure with DERMAPEN medical device. In Denta-line we use modern medical products and innovative technologies to treat our patients and provide them with happiness.

Dermapen zabieg
Dermapen zabieg 2
Dermapen 2

Perfect Derma Peel is a modern, safe and effective medium-deep peeling for all types of skin (phototypes 1-6). Synergic connection of effective ingredients in one peeling allows for perfect results and ensures safety of use.

perfect peel zdjęcie 6
perfect peel zdjęcie 7
perfect peel zdjęcie 4
Perfect Peel zdjęcie Wprost

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are a very effective therapy for hormonal pigment stains, while rebalancing the oily and mixed skin. Cosmelan and Dermamelan have existed on the European market for a couple of years. It is the only effective treatment that remove discoloration in under 20 days.

mezoterapia (ss)
mezoterapiaa (d)
mezoterapia (d)
Mezoterapia i Mezobotox (d)

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